Thursday, 16 March 2017

Rumours of my blogging death are unsubstantiated...

Did you think I had died and been roasted, with apples in my mouth, over fruit wood, to feed many hungry school children?

No! It is but a rumour! I have simply been in a writer's freeze for months.

Not just here, but also on my Tumblr site, and my lovely novel-in-writing  which was zooming away happily until, all of a sudden, the chill came on like Mr Freeze, and I moved into a state of hibernation.

But here I am, the sun is shining, the blossom is starting to break, and Spring is here.

I am searching for the copyright holder for this image of pussy willow.If you hold the copyright, please let me know so that I can acknowledge you.

Surely I must thaw out now?

note: I am trying to find the owner of the copyright to this image; if you own this image please let me know so that I can properly acknowledge you.